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Concept:  Iria Arenas


Direction/Text: Aura Antikainen


Performer: Velia M. Hahnemann, Aurora Magri, Deborah Manavi, Amanda Marin, Paula Moré, Marie Simson, Christa Stöffelbauer, Angela Reimuth, Franziska Ullrich


Video Footage: Iria Arenas, Hannah Elsner


Dramaturgie: Rosalie Kubny


Lighting/Sound Design: Iria Arenas


Edition: Iria Arenas

Duration: 7’


It’s nothing


in the same time

it is something.

Actually it is not nothing,

in the moment

it is everything.

But it’s nothing, while it’s everything

and you feel like

there’s nothing you can do

even though

there would be everything you can do

And when there’s nothing there’s everything

and then you have to take in the moment of everything 

in the nothing

and nothing turns into everything

everything into nothing

and all that is left is

(Iria Arenas)

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