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Kassler Kustverein, Friedricianum


Concept/Choreography: Jianan Qu

…is a collection of thoughts on ways of being as a performer.

Jianan Qu learns from materials and objects about being a performer, dealing with issues such as presence, ego and confidence, establishing awareness both mental and physical, to the surroundings of a performer. With his approach, by questioning the basic impulses and decision making in the performance situation, performers are givers and receivers at the same time.

In this project, all elements (including the exhibition space, the exhibits, objects, performers and audiences) are equally important. The performance is not only an active action, it is also a way to relate and unite. Sometimes when things are right, it's like watching fire for a long time, you can't explain why but you just do it.

before content is in collaboration with SOZO visions in motion and supported by Kasseler Kunstverein. All performers are from the 2nd and 3rd year students of SOZO.

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